The Mission

The Healthy Equity Cypher is committed to improving the conditions of America’s most vulnerable, with a special emphasis on the Black community, through public health, health equity, policy, clinical and leadership strategies designed to target social systems rooted in institutional racism and classism.

The Vision

An America where your ability to have health and well-being is not dictated by race, ethnicity, geography or class. This America will value every life.

We provide the following services to:

Hospital systems, Federal government agencies, Foundations, Community based organizations, Corporations, National non-profits, Labor unions, Medical schools, Health departments


Executive leadership training and coaching

strategic planning

Guide organizations through a visioning process to align their plans with goals and objectives

Racial equity, inclusion and diversity

Trainings offered on Racial and Health equity, as well as Diversity & Inclusion

Holistic Practice for Equity Leaders

Support organizations and individuals in addressing the mental, spiritual, and physical impact of equity work. Topics include identifying and managing microaggressions, addressing burnout and trauma, and promoting mindfulness.

Technical assistance

Manage collaborative partners toward meeting their health equity goals

policy development

Support the development of federal, state, and local policies (law, regulation, procedure, administrative action, incentive, or voluntary practice) ensuring equity in practice for all levels of government and other institutions.