As the country continues to grapple with the deep seated roots of institutional racism and bias, healthcare has been the premiere sector challenged publicly by America’s most daunting obstacles. In the last decade alone we have seen an intensified movement toward healthcare reform, a divided government and a significant uptick in grassroots mobilization efforts and organizational responses (Conservative & Progressive). Unfortunately, throughout this same period, the voice of leaders representing the most marginalized communities in healthcare and law have been scattered. The Health Equity Cypher was formed to activate a national movement in health, policy and leadership.

With combined 100 years of experience, The Health Equity Cypher possesses tried and tested expertise in all things related to the advancement of an international health equity agenda and communities of color. Entrenched in the core values of equity, diversity, justice and empowerment, Health Equity Cypher is comprised of the country’s most sought leaders in health and social justice.

Our principals have been leaders in the multiple sectors: public health, non-profit management, policy, advocacy, government leadership and practice, executive leadership, clinical healthcare, mental/behavioral health, labor, civil rights, faith, training and legal affairs. In order to truly move towards health equity in the US and across the globe, we need transformative, fearless and thoughtful leaders — leaders that directly address the covert and overt barriers AND take BOLD steps forward. Health Equity Cypher is poised to do that.